In the autumn of the West, it is increasingly difficult to find not only the answers, but even the questions. IBI World searches for facts and links that the international press has overlooked, not uncovered, not researched. With no ideology and no backers behind it, completely independent, serving not reality (as those who brag) but curiosity.

Questions we pose

Who is in charge at the ZKOK in Libreville and what does this change in the economic and political balance in the Sahel?


Who really pays the insane sums for international football stars to play in Saudi Arabia and in what way is convinced they can recoup their investment?


Does an oil trading company, Swiss Petraco Oil, continue to trade with the Russian Federation undisturbed?


In Madagascar, there’s a deal between Russian soldiers, tobacco smugglers and gem dealers: will this have consequences on the upcoming presidential vote?


Who will pay more dearly for the free trade agreement between Russia and Morocco: Europe or the Sahrawi people?


How stable is Paul Biya’s Cameroon and what are the forces destabilising it?


Who is Christo Wiese and why is he so important for South Africa’s stability?


Answers we found

The Russian mint, Goznak, is at the centre of an international network of agreements and economic infrastructure that allows Moscow to avoid the consequences of international economic sanctions.

Maksim Shugaley is the new head of the Wagner Group in Africa. Now, for Putin, Prigozhin has become redundant.

A former judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague has been convicted of corruption. This casts a disturbing light on many of the cases he judged on.